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  • Brandon Kern

Brandon Kern

Design, to me, is more than just an extension of human expression. It’s about communication. One of the most common phrases that I’ve heard people say over the years is, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. That’s what design is all about. Design has the ability to speak across all the world’s languages. It creates a common understanding through the use of pictures and symbols that everyone can follow no matter what their background. Not only can design tell different groups of people the same single message, it also has the ability to tell one group of people a plethora of different messages through one design. Because of design's ability to communicate across borders, both real and implied, design has great power and influence in our society. From the moment we open our eyes we see what the world's designers of that time want us to see. What we know as society’s “norms” and “values” has been heavily influenced, if not entirely created, by design and the designer. Thus it is up to each designer to use their “power” how they want to, whether that is to design for a positive change in our world or to design for the world we already live in and reinforcing the existing culture. Each designer should ask themselves and their clients, “Why do you need to communicate this is the first place?” A job that is driven by true need to communicate something is always more interesting and challenging, and therefore rewarding when it is accomplished, but more importantly, it tangibly contributes to society as a whole. Thus design has the ability to communicate whatever you want, to whomever you want. How each designer decides to wield that power is entirely up to them but plays a crucial role in our society.